Apple iPhone XS Camera Lens Replacement


Have you broken the camera lens for your iPhone XS? A damaged camera lens can ruin your iPhone photography. Get your iPhone XS rear camera glass replacement at iPlayPower

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iPlayPower can repair the Camera Lens for your iPhone XS iPhone. This repair is available for the Apple iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS Max.
This repair is for the iPhone camera lens only! This is for the outer lens on the body of the iPhone, not the Camera itself. if you have scratches on the lens you will need an iPhone XS camera replacement to get your photos looking good again. This service is available, and If you need both, iPlayPower can lower your cost with a  multi-service discount. 

  • Compatible Models:
  • A1920, A2097, A2100, A2098

What You Are Purchasing:

This is for Apple iPhone XS Camera Lens Replacement provided by iPlayPower. The cost includes all parts and labor, and a 90-day warranty. If the part fails in any way from normal use (Not abuse, or new physical damage), just call or schedule a repair to bring it back and receive a new replacement.