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iPhone XR & XS owners check your Apple Warranty here:

The iPhone XR was released in Oct of 2016. This is the first of the iPhone X series to use an LCD screen.  The iPhone XR’s 6.1 LCD provides 1782 x 828 pixel resolution with a 1,400:1 contrast ratio.  If you have damaged your iPhone screen, iPlayPower has iPhone XR screen replacement with same-day service within an hour.

The iPhone XR rear-facing iSight camera uses a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera with Smart HDR. This camera is capable of some awesome photography but if your camera is damaged or your camera lens is cracked you are not getting your full value. iPlayPower has iPhone XR Back Camera Replacement and Back Camera Lens Repair for your iPhone XR.

According to Apple, you should expect a battery capacity that provides up to 25 hours of talk time, or up to 15 hours of internet use. If you are not getting this level of performance, consider a battery replacement.

iPhone XR Lightning Charging Port Problems

If you are having problems charging your iPhone XR, here are a few things you should know. First, most iPhone charging problems come from bad cables.  Second, dirty charging ports are the next culprit. If you have switched your EFI-certified Apple Lightning charging cables and the cable goes ALL the way in (you should hear a click), then you may need a Lightning Charging Port replacement.

Make sure your iPhone XR shows up when connected to iTunes or you may have other issues.

Since your checking your Lightning / Charging port, consider doing an encrypted backup of your iPhone in iTunes before bringing it in. Better safe than sorry.

Apple iPhone XR

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