What is iPhone DFU mode? (Device Firmware Update)

iPhone DFU Mode is used to update the Firmware on your iPhone. It places your iPhone in a state where it does not load the operating system or bootloader.

How To Enter iPhone DFU Restore or Device Firmware Update Mode

  • Connect the device into a computer running iTunes.
  • Turn off the iPhone using the power button at the top of the iPhone.
  • Hold the power and home buttons (Power and lower volume, if iPhone 7 and above) for 10 seconds, then while still holding the home button (lower volume), let go of the power button and continue holding the home button(lower volume) until you see a mesage in iTunes telling you an iPhone in recovery mode has been discovered.
  • While in DFU mode the iPhone screen will appear completly black. TheiPhone is not off, and is communication with the iTunes application.
  • Do your Restore as propted by iTunes.
  • If you change your mind, or otherwise need to exit DFU mode without changing your device, Hold down the home (lower volume) and power button on the iPhone until it restarts.
  • You may need to quit and restart your iTunes application if your iPhone does not re-appear in iTunes.