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Apple iPhone 8 Repair Services

The Apple iPhone 8 is the last(?) iPhone released with a home button. All future iPhones (so far) do not use a home button. Similar to the iPhone 7 series, the iPhone 8 does not have a headphone jack. The only accessible connection port on the iPhone 8 is the lightning data & charging port. This is how you communicate directly with your iPhone 8 for content management and software updates with iTunes.

iPhone 8 Screen Replacement

The Apple iPhone 8 screen replacement glass, touch screen, and 3D  touch sensor are fused together in the factory and are provided as one piece. The replacement costs for a new screen replacement or other iPhone 8 repairs are listed below. This includes the replacement part, labor, and a 90 day warranty.

Will a Screen Replacement Fix Your iPhone 8?

Glass Touch Screen: If the touch screen (glass top) is cracked or broken with shattered glass, or your iPhone 8 has a non responsive touch screen, but the image under it is fine.


Complete Screen with Touch Panel and LCD: If the touch screen (glass top) is cracked or broken with shattered glass, and the LCD image is dim, has black spots, lines, or white spots


LCD Only: If you do not see anything when your iPhone 8 is on, but you hear sounds and /or vibration and other accessories work (Bluetooth, airplay, etc.).

Special notice for iPhone 8 owners seeking Home Button repair services:

The iPhone 8 has Touch ID security within the home button. The home button ribbon cable is exclusive to each device, and if replaced, will not provide Touch ID functionality. Replacement of the home button on the iPhone 8 will remove Touch ID functionality but will provide home button functionality.

iPlayPower will not be held responsible for iPhone 8 devices with torn or damaged Home Button security ribbons.

Make sure you iPhone 8 shows up when connected to iTunes or you may have other issues.

Since your checking your Data / Charging port, consider backing up your iPhone in iTunes before bringing it in. Better safe than sorry.

Apple iPhone 8

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